A Cat Punished A Mischievous Dog
A Cat Punished A Mischievous Dog

Feline Justice: A Cat Punished A Mischievous Dog

A Cat Punished A Mischievous Dog Story. The Story Is Completely Fictional, It Has No Parallel In Reality. If For Any Reason Any Part Of This Story Bears Any Resemblance To Real Life, Pet Cat Guide Is In No Way Responsible. We Apologize To You If Any Part Of The Story Is Offensive To You. Various Parts Of The Story Have Been Fictionally Enhanced To Serve The Story Beautifully.


In A Quaint Village, There Lived A Dog Named Bhulu, Notorious For His Mischievous Antics. The Villagers Also Knew Of A Cat Named Tom, Who Was Calm And Gentle By Nature. Bhulu, However, Took Advantage Of Tom’s Innocence, Constantly Annoying And Tormenting Him.

Every Day, A Kind Farmer In The Village Would Feed Bhulu And Tom Separately. But Bhulu, Being The Bully He Was, Would Eat Tom’s Share As Well, Leaving Tom To Go Hungry Through The Night.

One Day, While Tom Was Perched On A Rock, Attempting To Catch A Mouse, He Saw Bhulu Charging Towards Him In A Fit Of Rage. To Escape Bhulu’s Attack, Tom Swiftly Climbed A Tree. Bhulu Sat Under The Tree For A Long Time, Preventing Tom From Descending. Only When Bhulu Finally Left Did Tom Manage To Climb Down And Return Home.

As Days Passed, Bhulu’s Torment Of Tom Only Increased. On A Chilly Winter Evening, As Tom Was Strolling Down The Road, He Saw A Wolf Sprinting Towards Him. Terrified, Tom Began To Run. After Covering Some Distance, He Noticed Bhulu Chasing Him. Overcoming His Fear, Tom Darted Into The Forest, While Bhulu, Afraid To Enter, Threatened Tom With Punishment If He Didn’t Leave The Village.

Frightened And Heartbroken, Tom Decided To Leave The Village And Move To A Neighboring One. He Promised Himself That He Would Return One Day To Confront Bhulu. In The New Village, Tom Met A Kind Man Who Offered Him Shelter And Listened To His Story. Touched By Tom’s Ordeal, The Man Decided To Help Him.

The Very Next Day, The Man Began Training Tom, Helping Him Become Fit And Strong. After A Few Days Of Rigorous Training, Tom Felt Ready To Face Bhulu. He Returned To His Old Village And Confronted Bhulu. Realizing His Mistakes, Bhulu Apologized And Promised Never To Mistreat Any Cat Again.

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