Short Story Of Friendship Between Cat And Mouse
Short Story Of Friendship Between Cat And Mouse

Short Story Of Friendship Between Cat And Mouse

Mr. Roy, a businessman, had a cat at home. This cat spent most of the day chasing a mouse around the house. The mouse was always up to some mischief, which led to the cat chasing it. However, they never hurt each other and spent the entire day following each other around like two playful toys.

When Mr. Roy was away on business, the cat and mouse would have the run of the house. They would even playfully steal food from the kitchen, with the cat snatching the food from the mouse, only to give it back later. They were, in fact, very good friends.

One day, while running around an empty room, the cat got its foot stuck in a gap in the wall. After several hours, the cat started crying. Hearing this, the mouse came to its rescue by gnawing at the spot where the cat’s leg was stuck. The cat ended up with a wound on its leg, and the mouse, named Idu, brought a bottle of medicine to treat it. Later, Mr. Roy took his cat to a vet who treated and healed its leg.

After returning home from the vet, the cat started looking for the mouse. After searching for a while, the cat realized that the mouse was no longer in the house and started crying. A couple of days later, the cat found the mouse sitting on the edge of a table, crying. The cat tried to tease the mouse, but the mouse didn’t react.

Short Story Of Friendship Between Cat And Mouse
Short Story Of Friendship Between Cat And Mouse

Upon asking, the mouse revealed that she had two babies when the cat was not at home. She had taken them outside to play, and another cat had taken her babies and kept them captive in a house. The cat asked the mouse why she hadn’t rescued her babies, to which the mouse replied that she had tried, but she couldn’t match the other cat’s strength.

Hearing this, the cat told the mouse that they would both go and rescue the mouse’s babies. They set out and after a few hours, they reached the place where the baby mice were kept. The cat fought the thief cat and injured it. The thief cat got scared and allowed them to take the babies.

The mother mouse was overjoyed to have her babies back and thanked the cat. They returned home with the cat, the mouse, and her babies. They treated the babies’ injuries, and the cat jokingly told the mouse to teach her babies that cats are their enemies. The mouse smiled and called the cat a friend.

As the babies grew up, the cat would follow them wherever they went but never harmed them. The cat, Idu, and her babies were very friendly and would chase each other around the house to play, passing their days in joy and companionship.

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